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Hey Ladies! (And possible Gents’)

I have a Lip Color review for you!

Let’s talk about the Maybelline Super Stay 14 hr lipstick. &What they claimed on their website:

14HR Lipstick with an ultra-lightweight formula:
• Stays fresh, light, and comfortable
• Super rich color that lasts for 14 hours
• Pigments are enveloped in a longwearing system
• 20 long wearing shades 

The color I picked up is “Timeless Crimson” I absolutely LOVE this color! If you’re ready for Fall then this is the color for you, I think this deep red with a hint of berry would look amazing on any skin color. On top of that, it smells like… a child hood fruit candy! YUM<3

 It was a done deal after I swatched and caught a wiff of the lipstick. Hehe…

Let’s start with the points that Maybelline claimed about this lipstick…

Fresh, Light, Comfy? I don’t know if this lipstick was FRESH but it was definitely FRESH as in FLY AS HELL! Light? I don’t wear lip color on a daily basis, so it felt a little heavy. Comfortable? It was pretty comfy, considering I wore this to work- there was a few times I forgot I was wearing it.

Super Rich Color for 14 hours? Uhhhh… I’ll say this right now, I love Maybelline! But this did NOT last me 14, not even 12 hours….

Pigments in a long wear system? Well this seems redundant…

20 Long Wear shades, again redundant but I LOVE the color so much!

So the formula of the lipstick didn’t quite win me over, but the color definitely did, so I’m giving this product a 2/10 just because I would actually buy this again just for the pigment.

(photos above: 11am, 1pm, 4pm I did touch up, 10pm) 

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